HRBR : Shir Khan (Exploited / GE)

For its first event of the lunar year HRRB is thrilled to welcome Shir Khan founder of deep house label Exploited Rec. Doan and B.A.X. will make sure that the dance floor is warm enough when he takes control of the booth. Continue reading HRBR : Shir Khan (Exploited / GE)

HRBR Night

Welcome to 2019, we are pleased to present an HRBR family meeting event early this year. This event is also a special occasion for us to introduce two new artists to join HRBR roster for this new year – Vynnibal and Anh Vy. They will accompany our boss label B.A.X.. and Huy Truongto create a bustle atmosphere for a perfect music night on the dance floor. Continue reading HRBR Night