HRBR Night

Welcome to 2019, we are pleased to present an HRBR family meeting event early this year. This event is also a special occasion for us to introduce two new artists to join HRBR roster for this new year – Vynnibal and Anh Vy. They will accompany our boss label B.A.X.. and Huy Truong to create a bustle atmosphere for a perfect music night on the dance floor.

⎈ HRBR – Harbour

⎈ B.A.X.
Born in 1989 in Vietnam, B.A.X. was taught to play the piano at the Ho Chi Minh Conservatory of Music when he was 8 years old. At the age of 18, he discovered his passion for electronic music and composed his first New Age / Ambient works, later establishing his own label Feel of Life Records in 2010.

He started the DJ career since 2012 with Heart Beat, for many years the color of his melodic Deep House music style has gradually become a symbol of his own. On the dance floor, he develops the music in different angles that you never know what is interesting to expect next, his selection of tracks will make everyone crawl out of their shell, as the music becomes the cocoon.

In 2016, he became the Founder / Label boss of HRBR – a new sub label expanded from the big brother Heart Beat. From here on, he began to produce electronic music tracks for his own dance floor. In 2018, his first official release Microcrystals EP was released on MNL label by artist Paul Hazendonk, which has been praised by Paul himself as well as other artists.

Huy Truong discovered and started playing DJs at the age of 17 with a variety of genres. In 2017, he joined HRBR and had the opportunity to get more exposure to House music, which has shaped his own Minimal style. In addition, he also participated in Techno music events held by Heart Beat and since then this genre also accompanied him in his set. As the youngest brother of HRBR, Huy Truong manages himself as a “Minimalist”, promises to keep boiling the dancefloor with his Minimal/Deep Techno style. In 2018, Huy Truong became the founder along with Chris Wolter of Pink Room Records, a Techno label in Saigon.

After having plunged into the depths of Saigon underground scene, Vynnibal moved behind the decks to bring her unique goofy, banging yet delicate sound to the aerial life. Despite her tender soul, Vynnibal is not afraid to explore unchartered territories, drive the crowd to unexpected places, mix feelings as she blends liquid emotions into multi-versed musical sets.

With Vynnibal, expect the odd and the sparkly, the quirky and the severe, the kisses and the kicks. She is also behind The Crisis parties and regularly brings new acts and people together, contributing with passion to turning Saigon into a regional techno powerhouse.

Anh Vy is one of the youngest DJs in the Saigon underground scene. He’s recognised by the versatility and flexibility in music. He was one of the resident DJs of fromer Upper Saigon. As time goes by, he making himself as an interesting and promising piece of Saigon underground scene as an arstist and a contributor with his very own uniqueness.


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