B.A.X. – Atomic Orbital / HRBR006

The inspiration of music is abundantly all around us, and this EP Atomic Orbital of B.A.X. where science will be his main inspiration. This science inspiration must be something very strange that he has always curiously wanted to look for in his life. Those could be the atoms or electrons that surround us, like the emotions and struggles we have to face everyday, created its atomic orbital. The listeners may close their eyes, imagine and hear the science sounds contain in each track which he composed with the mood he put in. It is the ups and downs that he has to use the scientific name itself to be able to express.

In addition to the 2 original tracks he composed, this EP also has the presence of his trusted friend Paul Jove whom he has worked for recent years. He will be featured in a more rhythmic remix version of Atomic Orbital track.

Release date: December 20, 2018

Original tracks composed by Bach Tran Huu Tuan
Atomic Orbital remixed by Paul Jove
Mastered by Emmrich
Artwork by BlakRay

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