HRBR meets Ruslan Rodriguez

We are glad to invite our Russian friend Ruslan Rodriguez coming straight from Otres Beach. Sir 1DAN and Herr Phuc Long will be by his side for this eclectic journey.

⎈ HRBR / Harbour

⎈ RUSLAN RODRIGUEZ (Buenos Otres Soundgang)
Ruslan’s DJ career starts back in 2000, when he first started playing deep house music at house-parties for friends, simply from the tapes (you still remember those?). Since that time Rodriguez was searching for his unique style and sound, not only around Russia, where he is originally coming from, but also traveling around the world and ending up in Siahnoukville, Cambodia.

Ruslan is the owner of the sound/event label “Buenos Otres Soundgang” and running parties in Sihanoukville as “Wednesday Slowdance” ( Slowdance, ambient chill house ), Sunday Tribe Vibez (afro house, downtempo, world and multicultural music) and Deеp Beats 432hz (pure deep house music ) and RokaTeque (parties with rock musicians as guests behind the decks).

After many years of honing his sound and learning the craft, 1DAN’s first release appeared in 2011 on respected UK underground deep house label; Atmospheric Existence Recordings. This was followed up by a rash of releases on the Maltese label Batti Batti.

Aside from solo studio work, collaborations with Bittersuite’s Jon ‘Griffin’ Gray have resulted in a clutch of releases under their Tales Ov Rossi guise, returning to Atmospheric Existence Rec with the latest release on UK label DeepSystems. Close working relationships continued with 1DAN remixing the latest Bittersuite track, These Thoughts for UK based outfit, Situationism.

When in the booth, 1DAN’s hybrid DJ style moves from blistering techno to obscure deep house, providing listeners with unique selections that challenge the mind and feet.

1DAN’s appearance at HRBR Balcony Podcast

Our resident Sven Vath – Chris Wolter Heartbeat Saigon aka Phuc Long, hails from Hanse City, Rostock. After 7 years in Vietnam he has been integral part of the Vietnamese techno scene and is the founding Papa of Heart Beat Saigon. He debuted as a DJ back in 2004 and Vietnam saw him first set during the Hanoi Soundstuff Festival.

Phuc Long’s release on HRBR




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