HRBR Reunited

We are reunited! A journey through HRBR’s sound signature featuring some imported fools and young local talents.

⎈ HRBR / Harbour


⎈ 1DAN (UK)
After many years of honing his sound and learning the craft, 1DAN’s first release appeared in 2011 on respected UK underground deep house label; Atmospheric Existence Recordings. This was followed up by a rash of releases on the Maltese label Batti Batti with support from DJ’s such as Jus-Ed, Huxley, Jay Tripwire, Fred P and many others.

Aside from solo studio work, collaborations with Bittersuite’s Jon ‘Griffin’ Gray have resulted in a clutch of releases under their Tales Ov Rossi guise, returning to Atmospheric Existence Rec with the latest release marking the launch of UK label DeepSystems. Close working relationships continued with 1DAN remixing the latest Bittersuite track, These Thoughts for UK based outfit, Situationism.

When in the booth, 1DAN’s hybrid DJ style moves from blistering techno to obscure deep house, providing listeners with unique selections that challenge the mind and feet.

1DAN’s appearance at HRBR Balcony Podcast

⎈ B.A.X. (VN)
Born in 1989 in Vietnam, B.A.X. was taught to play the piano at the Ho Chi Minh Conservatory of Music when he was 8 years old. At the age of 18, he discovered his passion for electronic music and composed his first New Age / Ambient works, later establishing his own label Feel of Life Records in 2010.

He started the DJ career since 2012 with Heart Beat, for many years the color of his melodic Deep House music style has gradually become a symbol of his own. On the dance floor, he develops the music in different angles that you never know what to expec next, his selection of tracks will make everyone crawl out of their shell, as the music becomes the cocoon.

In 2016, he became the Founder / Label boss of HRBR – a new sub label expanded from the big brother Heart Beat.

B.A.X.’s first EP “What’s Left” on HRBR

Hailing from Switzerland, Dj Ouch! started to play records in the late 90s. Moving to Madrid in 2000, he discovered deep house and techno and naturally started digging these styles in the numerous records shops of the city.

Travelling back to Switzerland in 2001 he attended SAE in Geneva until 2003 and started producing deep house, D&B and hip hop. He founded the drum and bass crew ‘Insane Drumsounds’ and started his collaboration with the label Urban Sound, alongside residencies in the renowned Paradox Club and L’Etage.

He moved to Saigon, Vietnam in 2012 where he is now regularly spinning in venues such as The Observatory, The Lighthouse and Broma and recently joined the Heart Beat and HRBR gang.

Harbour Balcony Podcast #002 by Ouch!

Vũ Minh Đoàn (Doan) started making electronic music since he was 18 years old. From the city of Bien Hoa, Vietnam, Doan always pursue a melodic and trippy style for his music; his goal is to create, to share good music and love, to unite people on the dancefloor.

Doan’s debut EP on HRBR

Huy Truong discovered and started playing DJs at the age of 17 with a variety of genres. In 2017, he joined HRBR and had the opportunity to get more exposure to House music, which has shaped his own Minimal style. In addition, he also participated in Techno music events held by Heart Beat and since then this genre also accompanied him in his set. As the youngest brother of HRBR, Huy Truong manages himself as a “Minimalist”, promises to keep boiling the dancefloor with his Minimal/Deep Techno style.

Huy Truong’s appearance at the infamous Balcony Podcast

Our resident Sven Vath – Chris Wolter Heartbeat Saigon aka Phuc Long, hails from Hanse City, Rostock. After 7 years in Vietnam he has been integral part of the Vietnamese techno scene and is the founding Papa of Heart Beat Saigon. He debuted as a DJ back in 2004 and Vietnam saw him first set in during the Hanoi Soundstuff Festival.

Phuc Long’s release on HRBR

ZOEY started her DJ carrier quite soon after touching the highest place of Mix Us Happy Vietnam competition in 2017. Her passion had grown up when she first listening to old school Pop, Synth- Pop, Disco, Electronic music on radios and TV shows years ago (The Chemical Brother, Cassius, Daft Punk, Motown, …). Zoey’s mix sets usually get the groove on but still keeping that elegant, emo- tional style – a combination between banging oldschool beats and new generation music with a bit French tinted in. So let’s take a travel back to the history and forth to the future.

ZOEY’s debut set on Balcony Podcast



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