HRBR meets Dave Vega

For this edition we are excited to welcome Dave Vega from Germany. Local DJs Max Cleo and Zoey will support him for very special journey.

FREE before 10PM / 100K after

⎈ HRBR / Harbour

⎈ DAVE VEGA (Get Physical, BPitch Control / DE)
Dave Vega started DJing in the late ’90s in Karlsruhe in the south of Germany. It was here that Vega and friends organized illegal techno parties at secret outdoor locations, with soundsystems so loud that people in other villages kilometers away could feel the bass. People would come from all over to party and would stay all day and all night. In 2007, Vega finally made the move to Berlin. Fueled by the energy of the city and a decade of DJing, he started producing his own music.

After a few collaborations with friends like Mr. Statik from Athens on Mo’s Ferry, Vega released his first EP in March 2011 on the Berlin based label, Exone. His second EP was released on the Canadian label Thoughtless Music in May 2011, followed by another EP on Exone in the beginning of 2012. After that he released a bunch of remixes on different labels. Vega’s roots have always been somewhere between House and Techno – that’s what he plays and and still drives him after almost 15 years of electronic music experience.

Max Cleo is the only female DJ in Vietnam to choose underground dance music as her primary focus. For Max, “underground” means fresh, new and energetic; three words that aptly describe her sound.

After years deejaying across Vietnam and more recently in Thailand, Japan and Russia she is working extensively on recording and 2017 looks to be Max’s year both domestically in Vietnam and internationally as the appeal for her pure deep sounds broadens.

Max Cleo’s set at the Kick off Balcony Podcast Sessions by HRBR

ZOEY started her DJ carrier quite soon after touching the highest place of Mix Us Happy Vietnam competition in 2017. Her passion had grown up when she first listening to old school Pop, Synth- Pop, Disco, Electronic music on radios and TV shows years ago (The Chemical Brother, Cassius, Daft Punk, Motown, …). Zoey’s mix sets usually get the groove on but still keeping that elegant, emo- tional style – a combination between banging oldschool beats and new generation music with a bit French tinted in. So let’s take a travel back to the history and forth to the future.

ZOEY’s debut set on Balcony Podcast



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