HRBR meets Ben Kaczor

Young producer Ben Kaczor will bring us his intense mix of atmospheric techno and energetic house. Alongside HRBR’s residents Huy Truong and Dj Ouch! for a deep all night long excursion.

FREE before 10PM / 100K after

⎈ HRBR / Harbour

⎈ BEN KACZOR (KCZ – Elysia / CH)
Only very few DJ’s can play a musically diverse set that manages to take a crowd on an aural journey without losing it’s through line. Young Basel-raised producer Ben Kaczor is one of those few.

In the electronic scene, the 25 year-old artist has, in short time, made a name for himself with his hypnotic textures, minimalist and elegant house, dreamy synths and impulsive productions. Ben Kaczor has released music on Soul Notes and its sub-label Stale, Files Rec., Merci Jitter and, most recently, on his own imprint KCZ.

Resident of the highly-praised Elysia Club, his success has lead to request sets throughout Switzerland and gigs in Berlin, Paris, Bangkok and Luxembourg. As promoter, he regularly organizes parties and events at various clubs in the Basel area, presenting renowned international acts. Between whiles Ben Kaczor can be found in the studio, working hard on future projects.

Huy Truong discovered and started playing DJs at the age of 17 with a variety of genres. In 2017, he joined HRBR and had the opportunity to get more exposure to House music, which has shaped his own Minimal style. In addition, he also participated in Techno music events held by Heart Beat and since then this genre also accompanied him in his set. As the youngest brother of HRBR, Huy Truong manages himself as a “Minimalist”, promises to keep boiling the dancefloor with his Minimal/Deep Techno style.

Huy Truong’s appearance at the infamous Balcony Podcast

Hailing from Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Dj Ouch started to play records in the late 90s. After years spinning D&B, funk and house in Switzerland, Spain and France he is now a regular at Saigon’s Observatory and Lighthouse.

He recently joined the Heart Beat and HRBR gang.

Harbour Balcony Podcast #002 by Ouch!

DJ Ouch! on SoundCloud:



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